Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %

I’ve noticed differences between the Luck/GF/ID/XP stats in the All Stats list and those stats in the Adventure list. I think there were bug reports that the Adventure page is screwy for XP, so it might be screwy for the other stats. Where are you getting your Together values from?

They are from the Adventure page.

The All Stats list are correct for the individual characters.

If I remember correctly, there are still bugs on the stats pages, and there were some tweaks to the GF, ID, and Luck system.

I believe map bonus is added after averaging, it’s always been that way

Moved to guides category for visibility.

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Did you confirm the information before moving it? Several things look wrong; for example, I don’t think the item drop number on the map details page affects anything but the chest, and I don’t think character luck and gold find are capped before averaging (although item drop % is).

Also, does anyone know if the different capping rules for luck and gold find as compared with item drop are intentional?

Does anyone know if Luck % has an effect on Vendor items or Imp drops from Hoard ability?

I.e. - if my Luck % is capped, am I more likely to get Legendary items from Vendor purchases?

And - if my Luck % is capped, is my imp pet more likely to convert unused drops into Legendary items?

The answer is yes. Furthermore, the set affixes eternalized and crystalline can apply to vendor items easily as well as luck %.

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Does anyone know how a map’s stats work? For ex. Some maps have 1,000% GF, Luck, Exp etc when you click on them. Others have less. But when I open both of them, my Adventure page stats don’t change, and I calculated experience I was getting and it was the same on a ~900% exp map vs. ~300%, same floor. Also, if there’s a ‘hidden cap’ for map stats, does anyone know what they are?

The map stats effect the final chest spawned by cartographer.

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Clogon cleared that up for me recently:

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Super helpful. Thank you guys! My cartographer feat is coming up, this’ll help make the most of it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Does the Experience affix also pertain only to the cartographer @stryder ? Cause I’m certainly not noticing a 1000% increase on experience from normal monsters on legend maps :laughing:

I asked but never got a reply to that, unfortunately. I would say probably only to cartographer, can you imagine how sick it would be otherwise? 70k exp would become 700k, and that’s a low one! 1 map would equal 10! It was also suggested that the map exp bonus is nerfed on all challenge maps, idk though for sure.

Yeah, it would certainly help! Biggg time. So I guess it’s best then to also purchase vendor items on those high-luck epic maps and legendary ones. I’ll keep that in mind :smirk:

What if there is no hireling? Will it still divide by 2?


Hows this?

The updated one I reckon may be correct if you apply Fortunate Perk.

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but that stat is only for the chest when you kill cartographer.

Yes but that is old post. Still you’re correct. It doesn’t appear to affect Enslaver even though it sounds like it should. I also find it strange that when I have 100% luck boost for 5 minutes or paid, it feels like the Enslaver less likely to drop rarer pets and legend pets.

The map luck, gold find and experience gain as well as item drops does affect cartographers chest only if it doesn’t affect Enslaver since Enslaver can appear anywhere.