Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %

This is for anyone who wants to know how the total %'s are calculated and how to maximize your time and optimize stats.

This info is confirmed by Steiger. I will update this top post as more info is come across.

Table of Contents

  • Total Effective Gold Find/Luck %
    • Sources
    • Formula
  • Total Effective Item Drop %
    • Sources
    • Formula
  • Conclusions
    • Character stat screen
    • Follower
    • Shrines
    • Applied

Total Effective Gold Find/Luck %


  • Hero % = gear + fortune skill + difficulty + shrine (capped 650)
  • Follower % = gear + fortune skill + difficulty + shrine (capped 650)
  • Map Base % = above affix section on map detail
  • Map Affix % = legendary maps (only affect chests)
  • Shop Boost

Floor shrines add 50% to both the main and follower’s stat (towards their own 650 cap)

Total effective gold/luck find formula:

(Hero + Follower) / 2 + Shop Boost + Map Base

For the floor chests, add (Map Affix gold/luck %)

Total Effective Item Drop %


  • Hero % = gear + fortune skill + shrine (capped 200)
  • Follower % = gear + fortune skill + shrine (capped 200)
  • Map Base % = above affix section of left side on map detail
  • Map Affix % = legendary maps (only affect chests)
  • Follower Bonus
  • Shop Boost

Using a follower gives an additional +100% to the total Item find average between the main and follower.

Total effective item drop formula:

(Hero + Follower) / 2 + Follower Bonus + Map Base + Shop Boost

For the floor chests, add Map Affix item quantity %


Character stat screen

  • Includes contributions:

    • gear
    • fortune skill
    • difficulty bonus
    • shrines
  • On Mythic 3 you need 300% gold find/luck to hit the cap


  • Dead followers still contribute to total effective stat % as if they were alive


  • Shrines have no effect if the respective stat is capped
  • Shrines add 50% to gold find/luck (havent confirmed exp or item drop is 50%)


  • Followers will reduce gold farming if they have less gold find than your main and serve no other purpose to the runs
  • Epic maps are better for hitting feats like the enslaver pet feat and the mythic enemy feat because they have higher than 1000% luck bonuses

Maybe a dev or someone could correct my logic if it is wrong? I see a thread where someone says a follower isn’t counted and another where the main and follower % are averaged? Some clarity would be awesome.r

Values are averaged, except on item drops, which gains an additional hidden 100% increase after (?) getting averaged.

Things that do NOT count are the loot-centric set affixes from the hireling, eternalized and crystalline.

Now, the question is… does the cap count before averaging or not? e.g. (350% from main + 950% from hireling ) / 2 = 650% final bonus? Or does the 950% get capped first?

How would the follower have 950?

The cap is for each character as it is reflected on the stat page. So gear and talents can get you to the 650 cap on followers and mains alike.

The boosts and shrines aren’t reflected on the stat page so, like the map bonus % (not the map gold/luck affix), they are added to the total effective gold/luck %.

Very easy. 350% (M3 setting prior to hire) + 2x 225% Gold/Luck + 2x 75% Gold/Luck = 950%.

Since they were always discussing about this averaging, maybe this would have worked. Maybe not. Maybe someone already did this before.

The difficulty bonus is 350% so that means each character, from gear + talents, can only get 300% more until the 650% cap on each character.

Difficulty + gear + talents = 650 or less on each character

The difficulty, gear, and talent contributions to the character gold/luck find are reflected in the gold/luck find on the character’s stat page and do not go past 650%.

That means that the hero + follower max would be (650+650)/2.

Then you add in the map bonus and shop boost plus any shrine to get the total effective gold or luck find.

It must work this way.

Basing on the stat page it should work that way.

Since we have many stats hidden from us, personally I’m starting to doubt if the stat page can be reliable for this crazy talk about beyond-cap loot aids.

Can any dev or rep from SB please confirm my OP?

The only questions I have left are:

  • How are dead followers handled?
  • Are the stats no longer averaged once dead?
  • Do we keep the 100% item drop bonus if our follower is dead?

Edited OP for all updated info. See that.

They do, for now :smile:

Having your follower die does not change averaging at all. It’s the same as if they were alive.

That all said, in 2.1 we’re looking to take out averaging in favor of always picking the highest stat. This will apply towards Crystalline, Eternalized, and other reward boosting effects as well.


since this thread topic is about luck and gold find. just wanna ask about lagend map affix *Luck and Gold find. as i informed map affix effect whole map while luck 1000%/gold find 1000% and drop 1000% only effect carto chest.

for lagend map affix luck and G.find both max roll is 500. does that affix from lagend map counted if i already have max luck and g.find.? i mean does that affix give luck and g.find beyond cap.?

Map Affixes will go beyond cap :smile:

okay thanks…

Etetnal map :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: haha

Hello @SteigerBox… what about this?

Averaging happens before any Map Bonus is applied

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that cool. lets take ocenyx stat as example Main have 350% luck and hireling have 950% luck. as u say averaging happen before map buff. so let take out the buff out first. so main have 0% luck and hireling have 600%. by averaging main have 300% and hireling have 300%. now insert back map buff. mythic 3 +350% luck. = main 650% hireling 650%.

tell me if it correct and fix me if it wrong. thank for that valuable infos anyway

Makes sense. Thanks for clearing that out! Assuming cronos is correct, now I can make a full-loot, combat-incapable ardent to take on higher maps and not miss out on loot :smiley:

Jesus this is a goldmine of info regarding my past question/s about GF/MF/ID!


This is my target as well! There has been suggestion/s from other thread/s that the hireling will be your DPS character, and main will just be a stat boost. I kinda don’t like that kind of gameplay since it takes away the fun in bombarding hordes of monsters. I hope we can dress our hirelings with stat buffs and our main with damage buffs! :smiley:

Personally I’m planning to play using my DPS character with my loot argent as hireling. Now, if Hunter, Eternalized and Crystalline will carry over from hirelings…

i think dev give hint already about 2.1 content but not so into it, so i forgot which thread i read. but as i remember dev try to remove averaged think from game. like example main got 0% luck but have 500 G.find while hireling have 500% luck and have 0% g.find… dev try to make as the higher will lead mean it will count as your luck is 500% and G.find 500%. also read that they also try to make set affix buff for looting to take over as well. let say ur main dont have +4 set number, but u equip eternalized set affix. eternalized (1) chance for lagend drop as eternal is 50% while ur hireling have +4 set number and equip eternalized, eternalized (5) chance to lagend drop as wrernal is 250%. when it come to lead. ur main 50% chance for lagend drop as eternal will not take the lead. it will just count from hireling, i mean your chance for lagend drop as eternal is 250%.

#This not what dev actually say. but the hint lead me to this. just dont 100% believe this, just wait until dev tell the real content.

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