Membership for DQMods and DQTesters

Greetings everyone! How to apply for those groups? I really am insterested for it. I wanna be a tester for this game. As a computer programmer I’m willing to share my knowledge and experience and willing to accept new ideas from the developers. This game is really really cool and very fun to play with.

Good luck everyone! :blush::sunglasses:




Good luck!


How can I be applied there?

Have you tried pm’ing the admin or any online moderators?
There was once a thread in the old forums that entertained aspiring testers(like me oh so long time ago).
Being a tester have some pros in it like being able to test new affixes early before everyone else, but its not without cons like one instance, your legend/mythic/eternal equips suddenly being replaced with a common weapon.


Is it hard to be a part of that team/group? :slightly_smiling_face::shushing_face:

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I cant say for sure, I mean I cant speak for everyone in the Testers team…

Ill tell you one of my experiences though :grin:

As I have said, we were the first ones who will get to test the new updates and patches. One test patch came that nerfed the Energy Mythic.

That patch in theory, will hit my Frozen Buccaneer Build hard, instead of “+damage based on how full your mana is” they changed it to “+damage based on how less your mana is”.

As the patch came and start testing, I noticed something wrong…

My attacks are not dealing damage…

The Taunt + Scattershot build I was using isnt killing anyone even on map1.

After some trobleshooting like changing class, changing weapons and skills, I have reported it to the team that the recently changed Energy Mythic was messing with the damage calculations.

After that, the mythic was fixed and someone thanked me for reporting it…

In the end, I was happy because they appreciated my help but still sad because my build became irrelevant now…

Sorry for the wall of text :joy::joy::joy:


I agree. Those were fun times :slight_smile: .


Used to be a tester application post. Pretty sure it’s discontinued.

The moderators team is comprised mostly of members who were the most active and helpful forum members at one point or another. This can be judged by guides, builds, amount of likes, etc. Patronage is big.