Merry Christmas to everyone here and to the developers

Xmas type videos shall be posted. And here they come


Merry Christmas to you, all the players and developers.


Merry Christmas to all. my 2 Rogues look great in their Christmas Vanity Dungeon Crawling Threads.

getting gifts is great. even I like getting gifts! but sometimes giving a gift to someone who needs a gift is a gift that is given to the receiver and the giver.


merrychristmass all of you :boredparrot:


Merry Christmas to all!

I wish everyone a peaceful and happy time as the year ends.

And don’t forget to be kind to homeless people this cold season.

Enjoy everyone!


I remember many years ago on Christmas morning, a woman going through the dumpster in the alley, getting thrown away toys for her children. not knowing what else to do, I gave her some money and prayed for her later over breakfast.

now it is many years later, and I am living on the streets without a home. as I go about my day, I wish many people, homeless and those going home or to work, a good day. many of both ignore me, but I don’t give up. some of these people will eventually wish me a good day, so I know I made a good impact in some ones life, even if it was only a little bit.

not everyone celebrates Christmas, but for those of us who do, we remember that it is a loving & caring God who sent his Son to live among us, living a life that shined hope of a better life to come.

I may be homeless for now, but I have made friends with other homeless and those who have homes. it’s a harder life, but I do feel blessed for the hard lessons of life that I have learned.

I had a PC when I had a job, so I don’t think I would have discovered Dungeon Quest. finding a friendly Android who helped me discover DQ, I am thankful to find a bunch of fun people in the DQ Forums.

once again, Merry Christmas to all, and may you all be blessed in the year to come.


Merry Xmas @Golem. I have been a professional nurse, gave it up after 13 years and went back to university to study Forensic science. In the final year I realised that I had taken a huge gamble and homelessness was looming. So I drank a lot. Scraped my degree (although all my tutors thought I was promising ) Ended up briefly homeless. Self presented myself to alcoholic support services. Been working in crappy paid jobs for 7 years now but I manage just to stay afloat. There is hope for you and everyone. Remember these words of wisdom for evermore “When you hit rock bottom and are lying on your back in a gutter… The only way you can go is up”. These words were said to me. And I pass them to you. There is only one way to go my friend… UP !!!


And as for learning from hard lessons. Bruce Lee once said " You can learn more about life through tear drops than you could ever do with a microscope " As for DQ it’s acts not only as a distraction from life’s mundanity but it stimulates your brain … your true self. It encourages problem solving… identify a problem and look for a solution. Then you can walk away from the game with the same ethos and look at problems and search for solutions in life.The game is fun without a doubt but it also makes you think. Oh merry Xmas @NUIQUE :grin: and a happy new year.


Tyvm Dickwad.

Same to you and all here!


Two more Xmas songs dedicated to everyone who is having a shifty Xmas And here is my favourite song ever . And here is a cover version by U2

May I share my favourite Christmas film of all time

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Happy christmas to everyone, i love that game and forum!!! :christmas_tree:


Ho ho ho! Merry DQMas! I know, a bit late but this is for 2020 :ok_hand: .

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