Merry Xmas Everyone


Have a good one. See you all next year in a virtual reality type of way :slight_smile:


It would be so rude not to reply to you.I hope you will be eternal too


I’m mythic 35 wanting to be 36 on Christmas morning. It’s going to be a long night tonight :smiling_imp:


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, everyone. :gift:


Merry Christmas 2017! :christmas_tree: :gift: :snowman2: :snowman: :crossed_swords:
in PVP, we all fight to be number 1, but we all love DQ. making friends in the Forums, and rivals in the Arena.
we beat up the monsters, and they beat us up, but for Christmas and New Years, lets share some ale and egg nog as we brag about all the battles we had, and prepare for the many battles to come.


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! :santa: @JesusSaves coming xD on 25th. Maybe.


Merry Christmas!!!


Got an hangover :sleeping:


Merry Christmas Fellas! #NewPlayerNewYear


lol… dat name.


And That profile pic awww




MERRY CHRISTMAS from an old player here. lol. just visited the forum


Great. Glad to see you also.


Merry Christmas all :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas ! I saw this a bit late :frowning: