Metal Slug Build - Rogue

I don’t usually see Rogues with guns as MH and mirrors as OH around… A shame because i think this build (That i obviously called “The Metal Slug build” can do wonders… Your opinions on this one?
Ps. I use Trickster (and +MirrorImage proc) as well as Ascendent (Not so gut but in my game it works) and Buccaneer (For spamming multiple Scattershots against packs). With explosion on atk, storm on atk and elemental critical on an ascendent gear with some hp and mp leech this build becomes nigh unstoppable… (EP8 cruising at the moment, as prolly everyone here…)

Any screenshots on gears? I’m making achakram build, still at testing phase atm. I want to see a constant billion damage on it but currently Im still tweaking it since I can still millions. Already have the idea what to change just need to farm for cs/ms atm.

Ehhh… Dunno really how to make clean screenshots of the gear only, i am a noob with photo editing. But i still am at the testing phase too, i just see some potential behind the random affixes i have on my stuff ^^

If you’re using Android, just click the item, click its stat window, then hold lock and center button at same time until edge blinks. If Apple, idfk, and get an Android. :smiley:


Well scattershot is rare. Mixing it with mirror image is clever. Then again, low APS builds can only take you so far… let’s see how far you can go.

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I love attack speed in any game as much as you do, but there are other builds, man. Tanky works wonders, too. :wink:

…oh right, Tanky too!

In my experience, you can’t compromise if your aim is the highest floors. You commit. Either play pure tank or pure DPS, else it won’t be as good.

Right now, a main luck tank and a hireling DPS gives the most optimal rewards in the highest floors. From the test patch, it seems people will need it for the lots of new stuff :wink:

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Spoilers… The agony.


Thanks for your opinions guys :smiley: i’ll inform you of my results… When i have time.

I use a metal slug type as well for my rouge. It’s nothing fancy or has any Crystals that I put I’m it. It’s just gears I picked up. I’ll post some ss of mine the next time I’m playing.

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