Meteor Aftermath build broken?

I have a build with 5xAftermath and 97% meteor proc, I used to be able to shatter and proc meteor almost all the time. But since 3.0 it doesn’t seem to proc more than one time and then triggers cool down.

Any ideas?

Dunno but i have a 25% twister and it always proc all the time sometimes up to 6 twisters every second.

You probably need reduced CD max out ur meteor in talent, and add +10- 20 stat using topaz for meteor.

Shouldn’t aftermath reset the CD?

Meteor proc has eternal cd as all procs,so if you just click shatter, meteor will not trigger everytime even you have 100+% meteor proc.We need click meteor then click shatter to run aftermath as before.That is why I give up aftermath :cry:

Bummer. This used to work awesome. :frowning:

I guess it’s time to redo my build