Meteor Build

Okay guys, I need help. I tried to make the meteor build, these are all I’ve got at the moment. Can anyone help me how to get more damage? You can see everything from the picture. I still got a very weak meteor, but there are times when I get crushing blow or explosion or crit damage that it deals a ton but that happens sometimes only. Any tips guys? Thanks.

Wow you got a similar build to mine! Ill show you my version which is The Aftermath Build [WIZARD GUIDE] . To increase damage of your meteor, add 20+ hero points of your own as well as 20 extra hero points from the +5 meteor epic affix, increase weapon to 25% quality for more damage, add crystal affixes such as crushing blow, deadly strike, critcal chance or dmg%, increase weapon damage+ and weapon damage % and increase elemental weapon damage if you decide to add them as well as elemental damage %. Afterwards, you can use procs such as stealth proc, twister, more meteors proc and oither procs with ruby. Also you can try elemental set affixes such as inferno, permafrost, plagued or electrified. Energy mythic or fury mythic can increase meteor damage dramatically because damage is increased by the amount of it % or blood magic. Definitley max out your equipment to level100 too and reroll to get the perfect affixes. To farm those stuff, go to higher floors or difficulty so you earn these stuffs. There is so much you can do but I dont know every possible way and this is all I can give you. Hope it helps you suck less. :smile:

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