Meteor skill bug?

I don’t have any video or something to prove…but sometimes it doesn’t land where it should.
I always gather the enemies in big groups…and as turn around and use the skill…it shoots either far away behind the crowd…or behind me…not hitting anyone.
It doesn’t happen very often…but is this a bug?
Maybe someone else can prove. I’ll try to make a video if not.

Check if auto-target is “on” in options–>controls–>auto-target. I have similar problem before and this ‘thing’ fixed it.

Yep…you were right. It seems that the auto target gets stuck sometimes.

Meteor is a powerful skill, but this is the main reason I don’t like using it. it seems as though it targets something, and if the target moves or dies, it seems like the Meteor doesn’t acquire a new target before hitting where the original target was. Aftermath Set gives Meteor a Taunt ability, which can make this problem bearable, but I haven’t gotten desperate or crazy enough to want to try making a Meteor Build that I just might start liking. I actually tried with auto target on and off, but it has been over a year since I last used any kind of Meteor Build. I wouldn’t mind it as a Proc, though.

It’s nice on an eternal mayhem with other procs. You don’t need to think about them they just happen

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@dickwad indeed. mayhem and maelstorm set. its like all in one proc set.


I have recently been thinking of Crafting an Aftermath Meteor Type Build. I was working on something else and ended up thinking I don’t hate Meteor as much as I thought I did, so I am willing to give it a go. mostly because I want to try out that Taunt from Aftermath. it seems the Taunt is really good! but I need to work my Farm Build hard again, as I am out of some Important Crystals!

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