MH and OH dmg dealer


Hello, i’m new in this game and have one quest about MH and OH dmg interact with some affixes and skills, for ex:

If i have a weapon with primary skill does 200% MH, this skill will be bosted for all of this affixes below?

+5000 wd
+100% wd
+5000 ed
+100% ed
+50% DMG (slot)

Or will be bosted by only WD+, WD% and 50% DMG?

2 eternal pet in same day?

Yes it will👍!!!


How do i get quests? Im currently at floor 111 and haven’t gotten any quest


Codex is your quest😉…


So, all WD and ED in MH boost MH skill base dmg?


Only WD will boots your base dmg skills by a very large amount, hero points will help alot to, ED increases the element dmg, for example, you use shock dmg on MH and OH, 5k ED will boost your dmg by alot, not in based dmg skills, is more like a buff tipe thing!


@Radience WD affixes increase the damage of the weapon they are on. ED affixes increase the damage of the weapon if they are the same Element. MH Fire, OH Ice, Hat Ice with +5,000 Ice Damage. no damage increase for MH because it is Fire, but increased the damage of OH because they are both Ice. that +50% damage from a Myth Stone only increases the damage of the weapon it is on, just like the WD affixes. if you are using Prismatic (randomly change Element of attack), in the example I used above with Ice, when Prismatic changes the Element of the OH attack, it still benefits from the +5,000 Ice, even if it gets changed to Fire. but the MH Fire, if it gets changed to Ice, it doesn’t get the benefit of the +5,000 Ice, as the base Element of the MH is Fire.
@Marcosbankings those Quests that pop up when you start to play DQ were only around for a little while, and are no longer available. Dev’s have said they probably wont bring them back. @ZOMBOY is right, the only real Quests are in the Codex. the most noticeable ones are the Feats that you complete for Hero Points and rewards of different kinds. other Quests are up to you. get all Legend/Eternal items, get a Rogue/Wizard/Warrior to Rank 1 in Eternal League in Battle Arena, get to Floor 3,500, get to the top of one of the Leader Boards…pick a goal/quest and go for it.