Million Damage (Wizard)

Gonna post my Wizard build with a Million Damage. Who’s interested? :joy:

Billion damgage better lolz . Looking for Hiring Rogue bow build ( Eternal Hunger Bow build ) ;p

put crushing blow to reach billion dmg :wink:

My wizard deals around 23-25 billion damage each Orb.

Same here although I use rogue for the orb. The discordance reactor build rogue version with chakram high base damage deals that much damage per orb and also trillions of damage with frozen explosions.

Also @Albertros , you can reach a billion damage fairly quickly by using glass cannon, empower, focus, brutal, deadly strike, crushing blow, barbarian, push the limit, elements such as ice with frozen and permafrost, Arcanist and ascendant as another way. Basically, you cleverly combine affixes you know buff all damage to reach billions of damage along with your main focus of the build such as say reactor orb, aftermath meteors, etc.

If you show me your build in pm or here,I could help you improve your build whilst you still keep your focus of the build such as say orb reactor. With the help, you can learn how to apply said affixes into future projects to guarantee high damage .

hi can you pm me your wizard build?thank you

can i see your build?
i wanna used it.