Mirrored mythic bugged?

I think the mirrored mythic chest is not working. I’ve tried 0 to 70% block but reflect dmg doesn’t increase.

You should have the Legend Affix Reflect Damage first…before the Mirrored myhtic kick in its effect…

Yes i have 6x 250 reflect and electrified set. No change at my end. Thanks for replying.

Some effects don’t show up in the stat page…maybe mirrored is one of them…i’ll try to do some experiment about it :slight_smile:

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Thanks dude. May I suggest testing that with 2 electric web chest found by warrior class, craft one with mirrored and 1 without. There’s no change in output at my end.

It took me a little more than 2 hours but i’m done with the experiment…i use almost clean set of gears so that the only affixes that i have are 3 gears with 15% Block each, 1 gear with 250% Reflect Damage and 1 Mirrored mythic chest…

i try this on floor 2, i equipped only the gear with 250% R.D and i am returning 437 damage…after that, i equipped the 3 Block gears and the Mirrored chest gear and i’m returning 516 damage…i don’t know how to calculate it with math equations but i think the experiment is a success…

The description says “increase”, that means multiplied by block chance, not an additive one. I must’ve interpreted that wrongly.
Thanks very much.

You’re welcome…i’m glad that i can help…

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It is implied that it can increase multiplicatively but ATM, it adds reflect dmg instead of multiplication of it. But I have a feeling it’s yet to change in the next patch .

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So that means that Mirrored is quite bugged at the moment?


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I get it now…437 ÷ 250% = 174.8 DMG…then 250% R.D + 45% from Block due to Mirrored effect is 295% Total Reflect DMG…and 174.8 × 295% = 515.66 DMG…