Missing Character Slot after Update pls Help

Help! what should I do. I had an empty slot in my DQ Cloud account and Tablet before the update. I have not created any characters in that slot. After the update, my empty slot is gone so I downloaded my backup on DQ Cloud which shows that I still have an empty slot, but after I did, my empty slot is still missing. By the way, it is my 6th slot already.

Try using the restore purchases feature through the options page under the social/IAP tab if that doesn’t work email support at support@shinyboxgames.com they would be more then happy to help you :smile:

Hi Ken,

I sent you a follow up email. Try those steps if it doesn’t work I will take care of it manually for you.

Thanks for supporting Dungeon Quest!

This is a screetshot from my device. If I try to download my saved data on DQ cloud, i will only receive 5 slots and the 6th one is gone. The system will ask me to buy the character slot again. I already bought it before the update. Please help me. Thank you.

I think I got this fixed for you on my end. Please check your in game message queue! Thanks for supporting DQ!!

If it isn’t resolved please send me an email: support@shinyboxgames.com. I will need to get a few more pieces of info from you.