Missing eternal arena chests

Got 2 eternal chests from playing arena today. I transfered them to my char but they never appeared in his inventory. Unfortunaly i dont have screenshots since i didnt check for them immediatly.

Happend once to me, it may be becosue poor connection, but it shouldn’t happen anyway,

Hey! Just contact the support including your DQ-Account. I am sure, they will help you as soon as they can. support@shinyboxgames.com

This is related to poor connection, and since our game is not server authoritative (we don’t require our players to be connected to a server all the time to play) situations like this can happen if a connection is interrupted.

Player starts dungeon quest
Player access mail (server call is made)
Sever tells player they have reward chests
Player chooses chest reward
(server call is made)
Server now thinks the users has their chest.
If the connection is interrupted at this point (for example you get a phone call, or the users minimizes the game to check a message or email) the chest can be lost.