Missing Features - PvP modes/ Co- Op/ Trade System & More

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d list some of the missing game changing features in Dungeon Quest.

Firstly, would be really nice to add a small town where all players can gather around inspect each other,trade & challenge each other in pop duels.

As the game has great PvP potential would be really nice to add a Open world PvP zone with “Pk enable/disable” system where PvP lovers can spend endless time fighting,teaming and etc.

Moving on to levelling.
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks levelling up on their own without friends’ company is boring. A simple 2-4 men co-op party PvE would be pretty interesting and hell of a fun.

Also, the fact that you cannot communicate with other players is pretty frustrating…

At the moment the game is completely single player rpg based without any online game features.

Let me know what y’all think & throw some ideas of any features you guys think that the game has need of.

Thank you,


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U forgot that there’s already arena, u said above that there’s no online feature. And I guess they will not add trade system for some reason

Arena isn’t online. It’s all against AI. No real online pvp.


You do realize that this is a mobile game, right?
And mobiles don’t always have wifi.
And mobiles don’t all have LTE.
And mobiles which don’t have LTE only have 3G/H+, which has high latency.
And PvP or any other live online feature requires low latency.
And global servers would make latency worse on the other side of the world where it’s at.

Though your other ideas are desirable, PvP took a lot of time to implement and is the first online feature to be implemented in this offline game. It’s the first step but I vote against these live online features which only some can potentially enjoy.



Man if only…

Real-time PvP won’t happen. I already explained in the Battle Arena FAQ thread.

Again, co-op has been discussed previously. It might have a chance to happen, not sure when though. But it will be with your friend’s AI, not real-time co-op.

As for trading system, I’m against this since people can easily share hacked/cheated items.

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Although I like all of this features in a traditional RPG, DQ isn’t actually in that genre. DQ is basically a dungeon crawler similar to Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2, where the main purpose was to be stronger as you climb the endless floors.

Also, the main charm of DQ is that it’s an offline game, albeit with some online features, so I don’t think Live Battles would be beneficial. I would like to have a more in-depth AI settings tho.

A friend system would be awesome, just for the sole reason of bragging to my friends, lol. And well, a Hire-a-Friend system would be great in my opinion, specially for new players with experienced friends irl.

As Vil said, hackers would abuse the hell out of a trading system, so I’m against it sadly. I’d like it if there’s no hackers, but I don’t wanna risk ruining the game just to get an item I can’t seem to farm from a friend.

Anyway, I know you have no ill will and only posted this with a good intention for the game you like, so I don’t blame you. I hope you read my reply tho, and try to understand our point of view, we’ve played this for months and months on end and we have our fair share of ideas about it. Don’t be discouraged to suggest more features tho. But kindly post them on the Feature Suggestions next time, lol. :smile:


The main goal is to create an AI as smart as the real player. So if you have any idea on this, feel free to create a separate thread to suggest.

We also discussed about challenging friends in the Arena, but as you can see, the patch already took too long to develop so the dev decided to release it anyway. But new features are coming :slight_smile:


Well, you know what, I’ll do exactly that, after I get home. Trying to find a job atm. Lol. I do have quite a few ideas, hope they sound reasonable though.


A smart AI would change up their strategy , thus why I have already suggested 2 or 3 different AI options that and random through the 3 game match

Personaly, I Don’t wanna see DQ turning into an enieme energy mobile mmorpg.

DQ won’t have trading because of many reasons, the biggest one are :

  • you’re supposed to farm yourself your own stuff
  • cheaters

DQ won’t be online because it wasn’t supposed to be online in the first place, so they can’t rewrite the whole game (or could but would take too much time, like 1y or so)

DQ might have coop, but with “friends AI”, ofc it should requieres a “friend system” before, which could be brought tho

DQ could have a town, but it would take a lot of time to code it, it’s not in the priorities of the team to dev it

The team is already working on the next update, and will be axed pve this time, i’m looking forward this idea since i’ve suggested it (1y or so), i’m glad it’ll happen soon now, and hope it’ll please a lot of players!
For those who followed the forum since 1y it’s quiete easy to guess what is coming (winter…) but still won’t spoil, just can assure you it’ll be epic! :smiley:

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forgive my intrusion, as i’m just new to the community (though i have been lurking the forum for a while now). anyway, regarding coop, how about using wireless local area network (wlan) via bluetooth? it’s not online plus i get to enjoy playing with co-workers or buddies in real life much like we would with a psp or 3ds. unless of course that’s not possible with the game’s current design or engine…

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