MMR problem

I just wanna give-up by reaching 2.4k mmr. But, I never doubt to loss the chance on getting it. I think the only way is to call the players in the top league “to plan what day we will be playing to earn more mmr?” It must be together.

I wanna chat you here;


So we can get 2.4k mmr. Please reply here, I wonder why I got an auto lose MMR when searching a match. It’s sadly gives low points when the 2nd on the league had more MMR gaps with the top spot. The other thing is, it already gives an auto lost mmr if when your in the top spot but, still searching a match with a so much gap when nothing appeare in the match for minutes.

I’m the gardenflowe400 and, starry_night in the league. I wanna be a friend among with you guys


Keep doin well bro
Im retire long time
But still keep farming


Yeah, I hope I can get it the eternal vanity back. Thanks to you @anon18070926 it help me lot your ytchannel I really do enjoying this game right now, somehow I’m bored while I awaited this long over achievement.

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I have super tanky build the name is spellcaster
If u want it,just PM me
This build can counter battlemage easy

Can I? Yeah, please let me learn from you. I think maybe your the whoever rouge, I guess so. When my battlemage wizard will go straight forward suddenly falls to her. Your the butterfly and, I’m the flower. Joke!!!

I wonder my english was wrong grammar. I think it’s alright

I tried 2vs2 on the league. Currently I’m now on top. I can’t even reach 1.8k mmr. It lost my points when finding a match but, nothing appear in minute if I cancel it. @anon18070926 what should be the requirements to get Eternal vanity back is it being #1 or, the mmr? I wish it should be the #1

I’m already one left in the podium now but, eternal back vanity was still not yet given. I think I still need to climb 2.4k mmr but, I loss points when nothing appeared in the match because of too much gap. To all strong players please don’t beat my starrynight. Give your mmr to him until it reach 2.4k, I’ll help you too sooner if when you ever want to get eternal back vanity. Please

If you wanna get eternal back vanity
Instal DQ version
You Will get it in 1800

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@ELYSEUM I was searching for the version you said but, I didn’t find any

But I continue my quest now by elimating all BM wizards with my WIZARDbarrage and give my MMR points to the top 3 rouge gunners untill they will reach about 2.4k MMR then after on I’m gonna slam it back the gunners by switching BMwizard mode.

I return to 1vs1 today

My wizard must stay at first in #4

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@anon18070926, @TinkerBell, @Golem, now I received it

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So many new player with instantly on the top Legit arena with the same meta build
Now on the top is SUKAJANDA
His build too similiar


I read about an item building tips on heroes warrior should have a great HP and, rouge must have a huge dmg. Now, I see the top BM wizard was absolutely the best but, I realize it was originally for warrior it came up too my mind too but, I never do. Untill @anon18070926 show his build it was perfect it really helps me a lot and, your rouge revealed build. I was stuck always in div 4 and 3 before without you guys I can’t reach div1 and tops.

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My first reply can’t paste from edit icon. It was a long message. I think Ibgonna forget it now. I’ll repost it later

They just catch up the eternal back vanity super fast and, that moment I was buisy grinding to have my gardenflower too. Yet I wonder my mmr drops even I have none postpone matches I noticed Sukahanda, V.O.I and, Maulr mmr have raised greatly from 1.3 to 1.7 while I’m at 1.6 I think they playing along that moment afterwards their all wearing the EBV. I was envy on them my gardenflower still didn’t have the EBV but, later on I grinded again, then was so glad I just found it on my inventory automatically after reaching 1813 mmr for sure because, I never knew I already received it after I decided to change my vanities because, I was waiting for the message cheque. I finally achieve my goal and, my next to do is I’m gonna share my own craft build here someday

@TinkerBell I think they all watch @anon18070926’s wizard and, rouge on YT name prophet, title the top arena battle vs the world… he fights Lordzoro thier at second and finally beats it. Laterwards he show his build. It mades all my confusion’s gone crafting the best build

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@TinkerBell can craft very well

His tank builds can hold the damage from burst damage, the prevented of his builds is so high

May be we have a same builds,looking at the HP and power stats inbarena,it only have Lil differents

Sorry my bad English

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My new meta flintlock can hold any battlemage including Kachans tank

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