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these are the different dmg modifiers i have noticed between +5000ED, 100% WD & +5000WD:

fyi I’m just using this 1 as an alternate for farming in pve

What is the quality?

@Vesyo quality is @ 15%… I’m running low on peridots lol

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Welcome @Vesyo. Items can be level 1 to 100. 100 is the best. Quality makes the item even better with better stats (up to 25% better on legend,epic, items and 50% on eternal) .On non eternal items you can maximise item level and quality using chrystals. Eternal items level depends on your character level when you find them and it’s fixed. The Quality is always 50%

The only exception to the rule are pets. All pets , including eternal, improve by levelling up as equipped pets in game play against monsters .

@dickwad i think he’s asking the quality of my guns…maybe? lol

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here it is peeps. same LV100 gun @ +15 quality with their stat pages. the only changes between the 3 are:

  • +5000 ED
  • +5000 WD
  • +100% WD

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sorry i had to use my gf’s phone and the pics are bad. but nonetheless, u can see that attacks using the gun with +5000ED dmg had more dps than both WD modifiers. in comparing the WD modifiers, +5000WD had more dps…all according to the stat page.

sorry i couldn’t get +20%ED. i burned thru a lot of saphires lol. but if any1 can test whether +20%ED is better or worse than +5000ED that would be great :slight_smile:

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WD%, WD+, ED%, ED+. these affixes are calculated in this order.

the WD only affects Weapons that these affixes are on, either MH or OH, and can only be on Weapons.

the ED only affects Weapons with the same Element, but can be on any Item.

before you raise Item Quality or put Stat Points into Power, it is possible that +5000 WD is better than +100% WD. a Weapon with base weapon dmg of 4000 only gets 4000 more dmg with +100% WD, but you would get +5000 with +5000 WD.

ED% is figured after your WD, and ED+ is added last, so that is the least useful dmg. now if a weapon, even after adding WD, is doing less than 25,000 dmg, then +20% ED adds less dmg than +5000 ED.

now if you have the space, you would use all of these to improve your DMG. if you don’t have lots of space, then you need to figure out which gives you the best DMG possible.

looking at the Flintlock and Stats, it looks like the Base Weapon DMG is lower than 5000, so the +WD & +ED are doing more than the +100% WD. I read that the Power Stat is calculated after WD is, so that might be why the +100% WD Weapon is doing less.

here is a post that looks at how to calculate DMG. also, the Default Skill shows your BWD without any Skills in the way, Skills that do 100% WD with no Skill Points do the same DMG as Default, normally.

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@Golem thanks man


glad to help. I have read Mid’s Damage Guide a few times, and I learn a little more each time. well, actually, I am getting a better understanding of the easy parts…