Mod Apk vs Google Play Apk

What Mod Apk of Dungeon Quest is better?.. There is something I don’t like from the Dungeon Quest apk ver.3.1 of Google Play… It’s laggy and the map is way too big when you turn it on…

for those players who know the answer, PM @Jo0x_O6 the info.

just so you know, the Dev’s have stated that they can’t do anything to players who use modification apps in Campaign Mode. this unofficially means that it’s ok.

on the other hand, if you use Characters with modified Items in Battle Arena PVP Mode, you could get flagged and have your account sent to the cheaters & hackers Arena, even if it was a mistake. if you don’t want that to happen, just make sure any Characters you use in PVP have unmodified Items equipped.

Golem … mod apk dq can interact google play dq?

@Berot I don’t know. I don’t use any mods in any of my apps.

you might want to search around or check Youtube and see if there is any info that can answer your questions, or hopefully someone could PM you the info. or check the reviews given those apps by players who have used them.