Modified Infinity build (EXP Boost)

No words to say take it.


Thanks for sharing your build @Senna.

See you in the top again in the upcoming patch.

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New update?

Dev’s say they are working feverishly on it right now, not sure how soon the release will be. I think they are waiting for Google & someone else to ok the updates to release it.

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Haha nice one, kinda busy finding my new job tho. Hope they can release it soon as possible lol.

It’s good.


Or not.


@Skaul what the hahahaha

I’ll be gone for not so long, finding a new job. So ya, see ya

So theres a new patch upcoming :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Welcome to the forums @Rolan


Welcome to the forum @Rolan.

Yes. There is.

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey just wanna ask on play store the last update on the game says 2018… where you guys get updates? been playing the game on and off installing and uninstall… but never seen an update on playstore info…

Wecome back.


the older updates should be part of any recent install of the game. we are waiting for the next update to be ok’d so we can down load it.