Modified item checking

I think it was suggested before, but it would be nice if everytime someone wanted to play Arena the app would check if all of his items are possible to loot and craft. It would help us to get rid of cheaters who modify their eternals etc and would restrain hackers to only cheat something that is also possible to get by normal loot and crafting.

I just purchased all of my slot’s a few day’s ago and i keep 1 or every different peice of armor which leave’s me no spot’s right now for my wizard so i do think they should add more :smile:

I didnt mean they should add more slots or bags for items. I meant that if you have cheated item that is impossible to get by normal looting/crafting, ie 1 item with 2 crystal affixes or item with 20000HP or modified Eternal item, then the game would not let you use Arena.

wait i accidently posted in the wrong thing Kajfik i actually meant to say that to breaknex post lmao