MOGA Controller Discussion

If you guys find any specific problems please let us know! We’ll be happy to take a look and address them!

For starters, I’m not sure if this is a physical MOGA controller issue or if this can be ‘fixed’ from your end, but I notice that the controller doesn’t allow for skill holding versus the touch screen.

For example, on my Warrior I just touch the Whirlwind button and move around freely while it keeps using Whirlwind (while keeping it touched /pressed). However for the moga controller, when I press the assigned Whirlwind button, it only does Whirlwind once and I have to repress the button again to use it. So basically, it’s just one long press on the touch screen while it’s continuous tapping on the controller. Personally, prefer the long press since it’s more comfortable :smile:

I have more observations, but they’re merely just QOL improvements for the controller versus touch screen. Will compile them first.