Moga controller

The moga controller works good for the most part, but my map button and inventory buttons never work. Tried both a and b modes and remapped buttons as well. Remapping buttons shows the button change on screen (after restart that is) but do not work. The digital pad up\down\left\right just move the character. R3 and L3 (clicking analog stick) no go either as well as any key I have tried. Minor inconvenience though I do have to click map every level and inventory.

Good news/bad news on this front. Good news we are fixing the issue you mention with the buttons not opening inventory. Bad news is that we are removing Moga support. Currently there is a very nasty bug with Moga and android 5.0. I have contacted Moga about it a few times but their response has been “support HID mode”. So going forward all Moga controllers will only work in HID mode for android. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I just bought a Moga Pro specifically for playing this game, and noticed the same problems, which led me to this thread. Are you saying that the controller won’t work with DQ at all soon?

Should I return it and look for a different gamepad, because I really don’t want to have wasted $90. Which one do you think works the absolute best on DQ. I noticed the in game screens show a nVidia controller, try that one?

Moga controller will work fine! All you need to do is put it into “HID” mode. Do this by pushing the on switch to the right. You will need to sync the controller to your device again as it will show up as a “HID” controller. All will work fine after that. I have been testing with the Moga pro and it works fine.

Awesome, that’s good news then. Thanks.