Momentum affix

I want to ask. Is it possible to get momentum with amethyst?

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Yes it is possible but it has to be a warrior item. So if you have a rogue item you can Jasper it to warrior, then use amethyst and kyanite until you get Momentum and then Jasper it back to rogue.

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@kajfik000 I was wondering if Momentum still gives a dmg bonus even if you have no speed affixes or skills. I couldn’t find the answer in forums. Do you know? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No u need tobhave atleast 1% MS so momentum will give u 1%DMG or so

Nevermind I just found your old post @kajfik000.

“50% Push the Limit becomes 18% in Arena, so it boosts your dmg by 18%.
Momentum(3) without any move speed affixes boosts your dmg by 30% of total MS bonus, so if you don’t have any MS affixes your total MS bonus is 100% and Momentum boosts your dmg by 30% * 100% = 30%.
30% > 18% so Momentum affix is better than Push the Limit.
That is my reasoning why I use Momentum.”

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@PeaceDog well, if you are a Warrior I believe it should work even if you don’t have any speed affixes and skills. Just get the Zealous talent and Suffering. That gives you a speed bunos when it takes effect.

Thanks @TYRON. If @kajfik000 is correct, you don’t need any talents or skill affixes to get 10% min dmg, and it increases +10% per set affix rank (e.g. Momentum rank 3 = 30%). If that assumption is incorrect please let me know.

Base move speed is 100% so there is no bonus move speed for momentum to affect you will need actual boosts to move speed in order for Momentum to take affect :smile:

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Ok that makes sense. So it seems Momentum may be inefficient for PVP if only get 7% dmg per MS affix.

Yup unfortunately it falls in the category of fairly useless affixes in PvP but don’t make that spoil your opinion of move speed in PvP though move speed is definitely one of the most powerful affixes :wink: :smile:

If you want to use momentum in PVE ( Warrior )
Just equip 3× 15% move speed for great dmg boosting and zealous talent for use sprint ( horn )
Dont use momentum in pvp. You will waste lot of slot .