Momentum at rogue amulet?

I see momentum set affix at rogue amulet,and i see no warrior at he/her id how can it be?because i only know momentum from warrior only MH and OH

You can use Jasper crystal to convert warrior gear to Rogue. You can also convert gear to warrior with Jasper and use amethyst crystal to obtain warrior exclusive sets.

Link below is old but I still refer to it.

I see that but Momentum only at MH and OH warrior not at amulet

You can put momentum at any gear as you like…

Please Do not forget Amethyst crystal and Warrior exclusive gear. You can use amethyst crystal to obtain the sets like momentum etc (just use kyanite to remove the set you want to change and make sure it’s warrior gear --> then apply amethyst and Momentum can be a choice to select). Were you able to read the crystal crafting, Jasper description, Amethyst descriptions etc?

Sorry for my unknowingly, i think to get warrior exclusive affix must craft from warrior character ty @Mr_Scooty for clearing and give me new knowledge

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