More damage for my build?

How do i get more damage for my build? This build actually lets me do mythic 3 on floor 392 fast but if i get hit i get smoked but its still good so i just need to make it where ill get a lot more damage its just i don’t know what all i need. Theres a few that i cant get cause i haven’t found that i need is crystalline because im also wanting this to be a farm build as well but also need it to be strong enough to do high mythic 3 floor runs. This is also my first time using a gun and i love it cause I’ve only used the boomerang but this is my favorite now haha

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You should change all your elements to one element. You have 3 times +5000 fire dmg, but you need ice dmg, because your weapon is ice dmg and you are using frozen set. Maybe you shoul reroll reflect dmg on you weapon to weapon dmg.

How about your talents?


I have 20 in ricochet 20 in smoke bomb 6 in vault then i have 20 in strength and then the rest in fortune

Block and dodge. Critical chance and critical damage. Legend element critical chance and element critical. Deadly strike. Luck and gold find.

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