More Fun Bosses!

As I’m sure everyone is aware of, every 5 floors of the regular games also has an act boss you must defeat. Used to, back before there were cartographers and challenge maps, I used to play against the act bosses all the time; however, now that we have challenge maps and cartographers, I almost never fight the act bosses because the challenge maps skip them. While there is nothing wrong with the way challenge maps work currently, I think it does get a little dull at times.

Thus, my suggestion is that the developers consider adding more enemies like the act bosses because they are really neat and unique among the enemies in Dungeon Quest. Furthermore, I would like to see these bosses be incorporated in some way to the existing challenge map structure; perhaps make it where every 10th floor (of a challenge map: eg: 200, 210, 220, et cetera), instead of there being a regular map, there is a huge boss similar to that of the act bosses. I think it would be neat, and that it would really provide some nice variety to playing the game.


this is a cool idea. I have thought about this a little bit. I remember when Bosses on Very Easy were difficult, now I can smash the Boss on Floor 200 M3 in seconds or less. maybe randomly higher tier Cartographer Guardians above Floor 400+. a 5% chance for each one to be Legend tier, and if one is Legend, another chance of 1% or 5% to be Mythic tier. don’t they have 1 or 2 Epic Guardians already? and there is a Map Affix that increases the number of Epic Guardians. you wouldn’t need any Feats for this, since Legend+ monsters drop a Legend item already, and since it is for floors 400+, players wont feel like they are getting crushed by monsters before they are ready for such powerful monsters. of course, it will get kind of exciting if you got 3 Legend Guardians and 1 Mythic Guardian for the Cartographer.