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Question 1 : what is the highest floor you can reach on mythic 3, or any difficulty. Question 2 : if I die in a map does it lower the amount of items or luck I have to get better items in that particular map, because I notice when i die right after i open the big chest it stops sometimes. Question 3: when using mirror image does it replicate your attack with the same dmg , does the mirror image character take dmg, and how exactly does it work. Question 4 : if you have 100 percent clear cast does that mean half the time your spell will be free? Also can I still have a chance to proc clearcast with no mp since it’s free?

Question 1 ) infinty. Question 2) No. Question 3 ) mirror imagine damage is about 20% of yours. Question 4) 100% clear cast would give you an hundred percent chance to cast the spell for free.

Question 1: if you look at the Leader Boards, there is a maximum floor level. from what I know, floor 15k to 20k is about the highest legit floor reached, but that is because the person up that high was called legit by a Mod. 50k to 100k are also possible legit, but I am only up to 1300ish M3 myself and still climbing.

Question 2: on TNT maps, every breakable, even the Chests, explode and can kill you. the only way for lower amounts of loot or Luck to not work is if you die and don’t have any Gold to revive with. if you can’t revive, you can’t get anymore loot if you didn’t finish the map, and Luck only works when you are in a Dungeon, not looking at a screen asking for you to spend Gold to revive.

Question 3: Mirror Image cast MH Primary & Special Skills when your Character does. the Mirror Spells cast by the Mirror Image do OH DMG. the Mirror Spells are not affected by Multi Attack or Extra Attack Chance. the Mirror Image doesn’t take DMG, but it does have a time limit. I think Spells cast by the Mirror Image are not boosted by Skill Points put in the Spells, but Skill Points in Mirror Image do boost the DMG of MI.

Question 4: +84% Clearcast is the best you can get with Epiphany (8)(Clearcast Cap is +60%). I used Clearcast +75% with Epiphany (5) with great results. the Build I had it on didn’t make the best use of Clearcast, but I did realize the potential of +75% Clearcast with a Blood Magic, Barbarian, Glasscannon, or Push the Limit Build. yes, you can cast a Spell for free even if there isn’t enough MP. if you have a low MP Build, only the Spells cast for free would be cast. you would definitely want +75% Clearcast at the cost of 25% of your Spells not being cast. Clearcast seems to have a 0.5 second Cool Down, but I haven’t done a serious test of this.

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I stand corrected again @Golem :yum:

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lol. well, in a Mirror Image Build, most of the DMG should come from the MH anyways. but there are ways to get tons of DMG from the Mirror Image part of the Build without compromising DMG from the MH. just depends on the Build and Class.

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Oh I’m at floor 812 mythic 3 , but honestly there is a limit to how far u can go unless the enemies defences stop raising. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be hard to reach 50k