MP Absorb - list of items

Hoping it helps someone, here’s a (partial?) list of items in the LegendEx (Class/page) having the MP Absorb affix (unattainable with rubies):

  • Emberglow (Wiz1)
  • Angelic Cuirass (War2)
  • The Angel’s Might (War2)
  • Cumulus Circlet (Rog9)
  • Eye of the Storm (Rog9)
  • Anna’s Bane (Rog10)

Probably we need more lists like this for better crystal crafting. If I missed some item, tell me and I’ll add it to the list.

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yes, thats all of them, i checked on here
MyLegendEx.xlsx (53.5 KB)


in addition to those Items, any of those that are Permafrost Items, Permafrost Set also gives MP Absorb per Rank.

I think the Cap is 50%, don’t know if you can go over with Permafrost, and Epiphany (5) put the Cap to 62.5%.

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Thanks… that’s a good list indeed

Just realised i didnt take my builds off there so there’s a warrior scalp farm build that i recommend, and there’s an arena build im testing with BattleMage for Charge and Bomb for Vault, pretty nasty AI… that one’s missing the two multi attack affixes btw

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