MP on hit points down

Today suddenly my “mp on hit” affix (975) point decreaesed to half. Do you know what the problem is?
İ tried to increase the points but maksimum point i can reach is “500”. İ cant fix it :frowning:


What do you mean bro?

Patch 2.3

Damn! i see, this is because of new update. so my all build’s been thrown to rubbish basket…
i will close the auto update.
i cant shot any enemy cuz of mana lacking
is there a way to downgrade back to 2.2?

Could always swap the 500 mp on hit affix for a socket and put a 1% MP on hit mythstone in it…

It looks like it is 2% now.

… and based on base weapon dmg I believe.

Oh really? heh i kind of asked about it on The question thread but no-1 answered me, i always thought it was based off of total mana…and now i thought it was based off of base mana now from mana points(lvl of stat) and lvl.

Whoops… you’re right…

And the question i asked was something like if you had 20k base mana, that means it would give me 400 mana per hit right? something like that
So I was thinking i can save a crystal affix and use the 2% on hit mythstone instead.