MP Regen stops working

After leveling MP Regen stops working. Restarting the game solves the issue.

Hey! Can you clarify yourself please? When does it happens? Does it happens a lot?

What I meant by “after leveling” was when my character level is say level 80 and I get enough experience to advance to level 81. At the start of level 81 MP regen stops working. Restarting the game corrects it. I have noticed this before in version 2.0 iOS but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Now that I’m ascending I can pay more attention to it. At this point I am not sure if it happens every time or just occasionally. I can reply if I get any useful data

Went from level 90 to level 91 and no problems.

Let me know, if it still happens with 2.1 :slight_smile: