MrMaru-2nd revised Bow Rogue-video Floor 1173 EP8 46158B Dmg


[quote=“Drnogoodnik”]Recently i found a weapon with the +100% weapon dmg affix on it.

I plan to remake my MH weapon, is there any point in adding the +50% weapon dmg affix instead of the +5000 one or is there a limit to how much you can increase the damage by in terms of affix synergy.[/quote]

Lucky you!!! Hope to find mine soon…



Lucky you!!! Hope to find mine soon…[/quote]
Tip: Do it on lower floor 101-200 with a nadroji set affix. I have like 4 of it. ^^
max luck and item drop. ^^


Im doing it with nadj robe hat ring amulate giving me 100% increase finding super rare items, and note with max luck and item drops, doing its on lower floors, regular floors, 350-400 floors.
:smiley: maybe need to pray more to RNGesus just to find one…


Why i cant view the video?. It says not available.

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May i know is this build is still viable ?


Just a little question, anyone know how to easily get the Golden Veins Affix? Is it available on roll, or just loot? Thanks a bunch.



Golden vain i found it much more easier when use amethyst on warrior class.


Alright, gonna try it, I still got a few amethyst, hope I get it. Thanks a bunch bro.


I just realized in 2.0 Golden Vein was removed. Lol. Or rather changed to Satyr’s Spirit.


ohh damnnn sorry i forgot about that lol. the name changed tho


Vc. Poderia passar seus itens .qual o segredo pra ter critico bilhão???


This build still working in 2.1?


Sir why i cant put momentum in ring armor and helm ? 2.1 version.


Momentum is a warrior only set, so youll have to jasper ot to warrior, add set and then back to desired class


Too much nerf already in 2.1 i tired this already its a waste of time and not worth it at all

Better look for an updated build


Could you post the time you spent to clean 1200 floor?