MS +2 Set all set Help

Yeah i dont know if my character is bug or the item it self.

As you can see i have 3set of Momentum (Head,Amulet,Pet)
I putted MS+2 all set on my amulet so i should have (5)Momentum by that sadly the MS +2 didnt work at all.

Im thinking maybe it didnt work coz i have sevendeadly sin on my other gears…

yes, take out seven deadly sin,

Seven Deadly Sins - Increases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank)% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.

+All Sets cap is 0.

That means your +2 sets mythstone is capped at 0, completely negating it.

I dont read that much i didnt know that so thanks for the info sir