Multi attack or extra attack chance?

Guys help…

Should I put 4 extra attack or 4 multi attack?
And what is the difference between extra attack and multi attack? I’d like to put this on my build and my MH is flintlock…

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Multi Attack: automatically gives you an extra attack that does 50% of your attacks damage. Multi Attack +4 give you 4 more Ricochet with every attack, and each does 50% of your original Ricochets damage.

Extra Attack Chance: this gives you a 50% chance to do up to 4 extra attacks that do 100% of your attacks damage. so 50% for a second attack, 25% for third, 12.5% for fourth, 6.25% for the fifth (50% for the first, 50% for the second if you got the first EAC, and so on. so you would see a second one more often, and all 4 EAC rarely). if you have the room, go for +4 EAC, otherwise just get +2. if you have the Myth Stone that gives you a +4 EAC, get that, as it only takes up one space for the +4.

with both, you automatically have 4 more Ricochet that do 50% damage each, with a chance to get 1-4 more Ricochet that do 100% of your Ricochets damage. this is how you get your MH Primary Skill to get close to any Special Skills damage, but it takes up some room on your Gears.

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Thanks… So i will put extra attack chance and 4 multi attack on my build

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