Multi attack or extra attack chance?

Guys help…

Should I put 4 extra attack or 4 multi attack?
And what is the difference between extra attack and multi attack? I’d like to put this on my build and my MH is flintlock…

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Multi Attack: automatically gives you an extra attack that does 50% of your attacks damage. Multi Attack +4 give you 4 more Ricochet with every attack, and each does 50% of your original Ricochets damage.

Extra Attack Chance: this gives you a 50% chance to do up to 4 extra attacks that do 100% of your attacks damage. so 50% for a second attack, 25% for third, 12.5% for fourth, 6.25% for the fifth (50% for the first, 50% for the second if you got the first EAC, and so on. so you would see a second one more often, and all 4 EAC rarely). if you have the room, go for +4 EAC, otherwise just get +2. if you have the Myth Stone that gives you a +4 EAC, get that, as it only takes up one space for the +4.

with both, you automatically have 4 more Ricochet that do 50% damage each, with a chance to get 1-4 more Ricochet that do 100% of your Ricochets damage. this is how you get your MH Primary Skill to get close to any Special Skills damage, but it takes up some room on your Gears.


Thanks… So i will put extra attack chance and 4 multi attack on my build