Multiattack and Skullshield


I have a question, I’ve read in other posts that Skullshield is not affected by MultiAttack. I rerolled 1 affix on my gear and just for curiosity and I selected MultiAttack (removed MP) and now my DPS was increased.

Before MultiAttack affix:

  • SkullShield Attack: 1.55m
  • SkullShield DPS: 26.5m
    After MultiAttack affix:
  • SkullShield Attack: 1.55m
  • SkullShield DPS: 34.5m

Is that a bug? can someone please help me understand this?

Thanks in advance,

Yes it is a display bug on the offensive stats page multi attack does not affect skullshield :smile:

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Thanks :smile:

Just in case u didn’t already know this, Extra attack & multi attack only affect the mainhand primary skill. Thankful for Griffin’s explanation of the OH special stat error. That would have confused me too.

I just got done reading an older post about discordance affect on EA & MA. That was confusing enough but think I finally got it :upside_down_face:

I also have a question, ive tried discordance mythic and set affix blood magic. although it is said that only 1 resource cost is used, i can use them both. Is it also a bug?

You can have both on gear but only one will actually function :smile:

But it does function both, i can spam Multishot and have HP bar only, same goes with other descriptions from Discordance so i thought it might be a bug. You can try it…I used it on rogue.

Methinks he’s talking about resource mythics. Can equip 2 but only 1 resource system will work.

If you are correct that would be a bug. Will look into it! :smile:

How you liking blood magic? I tried it on PVP scalp Warrior. Ran out of resource. Switched to fury & seems to work a little better. Thoughts on the 2 resources?

@PeaceDog only one resource can be used as the description says, i was just saying that there might be a bug on discordance and blood magic cuz its seems both are working at the same time.

Bloodmagic is a resource system that is exceptional at being anything but, however it is almost always applicable and can be applied to most builds for a nice boost
Fury is a good resource system for builds that prioritize primary skills as it allows infinite spamming of them at 0 cost and has upsides and dowsides when it comes too secondaries those being the upside of increased damage and the down side that your ability too cast them is linked to how much you attack which could potentially be fatal in PvP if strategically casting those skills is of the utmost importance
all in all they are both quite good just used for different things :smile:

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My absolute favorite resource is Energy. Very simple to craft, and I find that it gives me nigh “Infinite Resource” effect. Only get scarce or run out when spamming secondary. By the way, does anyone know if the Resource Cost Affixes affect the Energy resource system?

I think Resource Affix does affect Energy Resource since it’s a “Resource” XD. Btw the Bloodmagic and Discordance bug has been fixed XD.