Multiplayer Battle Arena by Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth

It would be good little duel between friends to improve and see status of the doll against other players, so it would have more player, why many like to see the status of your friend, and playability of it are good, plus what you guys think about this multiplayer dungeon quest in direct via wifi, bluetooth has games for router

it has been discuss and the devs want it to still keep it offline.

game via wi fi direct good arena in this multiplayer style, is even better more than training with bots offline :sunglasses:

think of a PvP gameplay with friends, you challenge a colegar to duels, 1vs1 or 2vs2, a duel good friends, (give to championships DQ 'rs Ideas "), today many seek games where you can duels with someone even more rpg, here in Brazil, is what most seek, so the demand for online games that makes this possible, offline game goes by connecting via Wi-fi Direct which is the case of some games, more was just a idea to let more interesting game, who never wanted to challenge friends or hehe battle. :heart_eyes: :iphone: :calling: :video_game: :smirk_cat:

It’s less about wether it’s fun and more about wether it’s possible. Implementing a real multiplayer would require an update of the magnitude like the jump to patch 2.0 - if the devs start now, we may have multiplayer in 6 months if that’s all they focus on. So no new legends or any other content.

Not possible for DQ. Look to future games. It’s been discussed many, many times.

Sorry. :sweat_smile: