Multiplayer Ideas

Which option is the most important for you?

  • PvE (Players vs Enviroment)
  • PvP (Players vs Players)
  • Whatever

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Here we go with our ideas for multilplayer. As far there will be update which will provide saving charactesr in cloud. And this is step towards to playin’ online :smile:

First of all:

[size=200]DUNGEON RAID TOGETHER[/size]
Yes! Connect via WiFii as a Wizard with Warrior friend! Taking dungeon together! There will be some problems. And there will be my solutions:

I’m lvl 20, and my friend is 50.
Enemies power will be accorded the higher LVL. If there are players same or nearly same LVL there will be more spawns. If one would be weaker, there will be little less monsters.

I haven’t been here…
Ofcourse you waren’t! Dungeons available only for teams :smiley:

Let’s trade
Simple trade system: before and after dungeoncrawling there would be and option to trade between players. With gold option of course.

Next to “Play CO-OP” and “Trade” there is still place for “PVP” button. After pressing it, you and opponent could be transferred to a special randomized Arena with some special spawns of monsters (so creatures would appear non-stop with breaks) and player-spawns.

I wanna see bouth… But i voted only for one :wink:

PvE - I like to see more random dungeons. Not only Act 1-4 difficulty level, but more new interesting environment.
It might be SWAMP environment with more poison monsters, following after first Act.
In my opinion, levels are too short and maps are too simple.
What about more complicated labyrinth every time u go deeper and deeper… :smiling_imp:
And it would be very cool if these Acts move forward with some interesting story line…
There is place between levels when loading screen is on.
So right here can find a place to write the story about our heroes adventure and world it self.
And it give some oldscool taste too. :smiley:

PvP (online) - would like to fight with equal warriors or wizards in arena to taste its power.
Same with multiplayer bosses or dungeon levels.
And i wanna see more leaderboards. Like player with more gold, deaths and other stuff.
Adding option to click on player in leaderboard and view its items/stats…

Well i like pvp idea

Pvp would be really nice… cause to do always 1-4 acts is kinda boring… if u do it for weeks - months
Well… i want to see pvp like it is… just player fight another player without anything else… also i want to see
On leader board pvp points like wins loses draws… and u can fight everyone in game"random player" and friends too… and not just 1-4 act arenas… we want to see more like wind, dark, light, earth etc etc…

Trade system… what about just to make a market for it… and to make drop rate lower… cause for me its really easy to get legendary weps/armors i get like 1-3 legendary weapons/armors… and there is a bug… i bought luck boost thing… and its still 1000kills for like 3-4 days…

And still i want Gladiator Fights xD like enemies and bosses spawns all the time… its going to be fun xD

But at all i really like this game… can.t find better one at play market… but really sometimes its boring to do always the same acts… and i know its still beta… and its great cant wait till u finish it… u doing great job… thanks very much and sorry for my crap english :smile:

Thanks for great comments and feedback! I, personally, really like co-op but I know Steigerbox is a HUGE fan of PVP. That Luck boost thing you mentioned got fixed yesterday when we released patch 1.2.4.

We are also thinking of new ways to track player progress to create more leaderboards, so we will make sure we keep those ideas in mind as well.

Thanks for playing!

Well personally PvE would be much more enjoyable, instead of me and my girl friend playing different dungeons we could be playing together in the same one. (Got her hooked too :smiley: )

Well…that is awesome that your girlfriend plays as well, thanks for spreading the word :smile:

PvE would be the best possible scenario for us because if we can get players playing together in the environments then doing PVP would be easy breezy. With that in mind we will be starting small and building our way up to PvE. Hopefully you all like the changes we are making now that will be in the next patch. Steiger posted a few screens of some of the stuff we are working on…more soon!

PvP rulezzzz