Multiplayer on Campaign

can you add multiplayer on campaign mode because it feels lonely and boring sometimes playing alone.

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Good suggestion but its a long process mate
Making a game isn’t easy as it is.
Im sure the devs are trying their best to improve the game :slight_smile:
We just need to be thankful for the devs for having the game and making it suitable for the players

DQ was originally made for single player. I hear DQ 2 might have multi player capability. search DQ 2 and see what has been posted so far by the Dev’s.

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true i agree with you golem it would seem that their is talk about DQ2 but all we can do right now is hope and see if it comes out the only said thing would be leaving DQ and all you char/items behind and starting over

multiplayer would be cool but they would have to solve item drop splitting like a hierling but im hopeing for a trade add on instead of a multiplayer campaign will limits on trades (locked requirments ) say you get traded a wep 500+ m3 drop you would at least have to reach around 500 to use it and not so early in game bc that would be broken

the thing is, there are so many games to choose from, and what makes DQ different from other games is what draws players to DQ. what other games have that DQ doesn’t, well, that is why they play those games and not DQ. from the little that the Dev’s have shared about DQ 2, it will have some of what other games have while keeping enough of what draws players to DQ to make a pretty good game. I think there has been some testing, and the fact that nothing has leaked says a lot about the testers liking what they see so far, and the Dev’s working on making a game good enough that they don’t want to release it so fast that players are overwhelmed by bugs. at least, this is what I think.

who knows one of these days DQ devs will release several patches. and you will face @Golem’s pvp wiz on your PVE Journey. :joy:

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true they are hiding the good stuff from no leaks but what do you think that their planing/hiding @golem

possibly something with a storyline and multiplayer. they have stated that they don’t want to release DQ 2 too fast because of concerns for bugs. there are so many multiplayer games out there that it will be interesting to see what the Dev’s have come up with to make DQ 2 stand out from the crowd.


yea I agree can’t wait for the realise but I can and I agree with the Dev’s test,test,test to make it as little buggy as possible.

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