Multiplayer run dungeons with friends or even PvP thru Bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot!

May I suggest that if you can add a feature where in we can party with others (nearby friends) through bluetooth or WiFi Hotspot, so we can run dungeons together, maybe add it with a difficulty for a party run. Or also a PVP thru bluetooth or Wifi hotspot. Thank you in advance! more power DQ!


Lots have the same idea… Unfortunately devs cant do that anytime soon… Too bad it would be awesome too.

It’s an idea many dream of :slight_smile: :wink: :blush:

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Titan quest - Dungeon siege - Torch light combination. No point mentioning Diablo. Titan quest was rated the Diablo 3 we never got when it was released.

But yeah this idea would definitely be awesome. There’d be far more players or people willing to play, that I know of. More so the ones I don’t know of.