Multiple Characters on One Account = Same Rank?

I have a Warrior who is 18 in Eternal League.
My Rogue just hit 99 and is stocked with weak Legends Gear.

I wanted to take my Rogue out for a spin in the Battle Arena and who do I face on my first fight? Spartacus.

All your characters are on the same level / rank? And if so, how do I get OUT of the Eternal League so I can start my Rogue from the bottom? Or is that even possible?

As far as I know it isn’t possible. I was going to do the same thing with my other characters. I haven’t built their gear to compete in eternal league yet so I gave up since 2.1 is coming, yet taking it sweet time, soon.
My next hurdle is 2nd league which isn’t the same but will let you incorporate another character in pvp.

Hmmm… Odd. I keep seeing people who are “Common 1V1”, but when I check their Stats they show up as “Eternal 1V1”. I figure it’s got to be possible somehow. Right now I am sitting out of PVP and hopefully I’ll drop out of the top 100 at some point and see what happens. I am going to assume at this point the game has to put you someplace and I am hoping that someplace is the Common League so I can start the trek all over again with my Rogue haha.

Are you Fodder in game? I fought a toon named Fodder in game. Was a great fight. Good build.

Thanks and yes I’m Fodder in game. Was it my rogue you fought?

Yeah it was your Rogue.