Munity Ricochet

What do you suggest to make it better for PVE. Poison type

change weaken to 5000 weapon damage, remove DMG to elites and replace with crystal affix of your choice (or lucks choice) and put Endow + Item drops or 50% weapon damage epic affix

Definitely reroll the fire damage and any crystal affix with diamond first

If you want to keep DMG to elites remove a socket for crystal affix

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I got same Mutiny, what I did is removedamage to elites, weaken affixes and used zircon to put more sockets. Made it into a cosmicorb pistol. Add 5000 damage, 5000 poison damage, 50% dmh(endow) ms. :smile:

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Thanks guys

Can i use.
Attack speed
Weapon damage 5000+

Is this cool?

Id make it a mythic

but why?

If you already got those stats, forget making it to mythic but if its still clean you can mythic just leave elem dmg% affix and defiant. remove dmg to elites and weaken.

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Its still no mythic.

Because having a mythic like cosmic orb imo is better than having 20% ele dmg

But why?

Because it’s another source of damage that has a decent chance of activation. And after making it a mythic, you just load it with affixes that boost damage.

Hmmm cosmic orb is that for wizard?

Cyrstal affix : pref crit damage
legend affix: 100% weapon dmg
mythic affix: 50% weapon dmg
epic affix: 5000 weapon dmg
epic affix: 5000 elem dmg

well munity come with L.Affix: +% Element Damage. that more to ragnarok.