Mutiny Bow

Hi, new here. I found a Mutiny Gauntlet, I decided to Jasper it to rouge and got a bow. Question is, what affixes best to put on it? I dont want to screw this bow, I heard this is rare. Thanks.

you can read here for some reference:

as a sidenote, for mutiny bow you should keep legend %fire damage, as it can’t be rolled by ruby.

atm, i still have the default stats which is it has Defiant, +20% dmg to elites, +76.2% poison dmg%, +2 extra attack chance, and 2 empty socket.

I believe i have to keep Defiant, socket it with +50% damage, i only got 1 epic affix which is the +2 extra attack chance, do i need to change it to +5000 wpn damage? what to do with the 1 socket left? Btw, im using poison atm, do i need to change it to fire?

defiant is rare, can’t be obtained using amethyst so it’s better to keep it, but it really depends on your build and play style.

+2 EAC can only be gotten in MH and OH via Topaz (living force ring and amulet are exception) so it can be considered rare, but again, it really depends on your build, do you really need the EAC affix ? If no, you can switch it with 5k weapon damage.

No, it’s up to you which element that you want to use. What I mean by legend %fire damage is the original element of Mutiny is fire, but you can change it as you will using calcite.

Thanks. I want to copy Blightbog Saboteur. btw, I also got a +2 extra attack socketed on my insolence OH is it the same with +2 extra attack chance? My OH wpn has Defiant do i need to change to another since I already got it on my MH?

yes, it’s the same. The cap is 4, so put 2 EAC on MH and another 2 EAC on OH is a good choice. Alternatively, you can add MS Zenith to your OH, so you can use the original EAC slot in MH for other purpose.

yep, it’s better to change since you can use +2 set affix later on to cap the set affix to (5).

Set affix cap at (7) but (5) is all you need :grinning:

cap set affix is 8, as i remember. lol

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Really 0/0