Mutiny defiant for wizard bug

last day i picked up 2 mutiny defiant lance so i tried to convert the 1 lance to another class. i used jasper and chose wizard because i want to try mutiny defiant for wizard. and then when i tried to convert it, the item came to be im not sure if it is sword or wand. but when i saw it at codex mutiny defiant for wizard is a gaunlet. O.O

That’s normal hehe
Refer to this conversion guide
*Lance > Wand > Pistol

oh, i saw that guide when i first played this game i guess i forgot that i already read that info, hmm, but it bothers me because mutiny defiant for rogue is correct its a pistol , but why does mutiny defiant for wizard not correct at codex. -.-. can dev team edit those item because its kinda confusing.

It is intended for Mutiny to be a different item on Wizard. This allows you to get Defiant on a Bow/Glove/Axe which you otherwise would never be able to do so.

Many legends are like this for the same reason.

yeah, i love this kind mechanic. i wish the crystalline and eternalized weapons were the same.

i actually got my insolence from a hatchet, so i get a mana shield instead of a skull

I know… I can’t use a Bow/Chakram for Eternalize/Crystaline. =(

I see, thank you mod clogon for answering i really appreciate the response. I really like this game its a very good game indeed. 5 star for it. Wish you all the best. :smiley: