Mutiny vs. Scipio

Everyone seems to talk about Vacuus Scipio as the best weapon, but since that WD% is added before +WD, and ED% is added after, shouldn’t Mutiny beat out Vacuus?

It depend on build i think, for example lohko, lohko is a pure damage build that should use vacuus and not mutiny, and blightbog should use mutiny for element.
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Why? Isn’t damage damage? I would think that Mutiny would be better in 100% of situations, unless there is something I don’t understand about the damage formula.

DPS = ((((BWD * (1+WD%) * (1+WIQ))+WD) * (1+ED%))+ED)*AS

You have to remember that WD 100% and WD only affect the weapon it is on and ED 100% are only available on weapon, offhand and robe.

Now we can theorycraft.

Here are your options:

A) 1 WD 100% from weapon + 2 ED 100% from offhand and nadroji robe
B) 1 WD 100% from offhand + 2 ED 100% from weapon and nadroji robe
C) 3 ED 100% from weapon, offhand and nadroji robe

A is for those who mainly use weapon for their main damage skill
B is for those who mainly use offhand for their main damage skill
C will probably be good if you use both weapon and offhand skills for damage
assuming no eternals, max quality, and WD 5000. we disregard ED and AS because they’re on the far side of the formula and are the same for all cases.

for A and B:
DPS = ((((BWD * (1+1) * (1+0.25))+5000) * (1+2))+ED) * AS
DPS = ((((BWD * 2 * 1.25 )+5000) * 3 )+ED) * AS
DPS = ((( (BWD * 2.5)+5000) * 3 )+ED) * AS
DPS = ( (BWD * 2.5 * 3) +(5000 * 3) +ED) * AS
DPS = ( (BWD * 7.5) + 15000 +ED) * AS

for C:
DPS = ((((BWD * (1) * (1+0.25))+5000) * (1+3))+ED) * AS
DPS = ((( (BWD * 1.25)+5000 ) * 4 )+ED) * AS
DPS = (( (BWD * 1.25 * 4)+(5000 * 4) )+ED) * AS
DPS = (( (BWD * 5) + 20000 )+ED) * AS

now we compare which would give better damage depending on the BWD
let BWD = x

7.5x + 15000 = 5x + 20000
2.5x = 5000
x = 2000

this means that as long as your BWD is greater than 2000, A or B from the 3 options above will give better DPS. now all you need to find is the BWD of the weapon and you’re set.

BWD = base weapon damage?


Munity for me

Ah, I hadn’t factored in the possibility of other ED% affixes and their additive nature. Good call.

hi i have also that vacuus scipio bow, what crystal affixes and mythic should i put to make it a beast dmg? tnx in advance for replying

when choosing crystal affixes, you have to consider your build as a whole. make sure that the affixes work together. crystal crit damage affix is great on paper but it is no good if you don’t have a high crit chance.

try to check the Build Compendium to get a good idea on what affixes work great together.

as for mythics on weapon, it is a preference thing. some use them, some don’t. it’s kind of a trade. if you use a mythic, you will have to sacrifice an affix that could have increased the damage of you weapon skill

Okie ty