My 1st completed rouge pve build + support wiz

Gona add credits and some info when i get my pc back.

And the support wiz(not finished)

Can i ask you ?
Can i transfer my crafting dust to another character?
Pls ansswer me i wany to change my character…

Im 90% sure if you have only one char spot and you delete hem you keep the items in your stash, your dust and gold.

Sadly i’ve played with 2 heros from the getgo its just 1$.

And if you play with 2 toons and delete one noting is effected since they share everyting.

So the money and the dust are transferable to stash? I only have 1 charachter and im newbie…
Thank you for your answer.

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If you have questions don’t hesitate to make a thread/topic ppl on this forums are really helpful.

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I only have 1 charachter…
I want to make sure if the money and dust are transferable to stash…

Like i said im 90% sure they will, make a new topic to be 100% sure. I havnt played with just 1 toon ever .