My barbarian build

I started grinding from lvl1to 50. I bought the challenge map then played it up until now. I am now lvl 75 and im grinding in lvl 102 floor. My advise is, if you want to lvl up faster using barbarian, i suggest you use the necklace that has WRATH nature in it and use items that have explode options, double damage and try to get a weapon that has ascendant option (weapon plus another item to get the 50% weaken option) and items with weaken options. It will make your grinding faster because all you have to do is run around the enemies and they will just explode!

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This is what I did in the earlier days of DQ run around with Ascendent Build just minus the Barbarian.

barbarian drops at floor 102?

Just to update my char. Ive now ascended. I started grinding to floor 50 plus mhytic 3 mode when i reached lvl 17. Btw, i chose the plus 300% success rate for eternal drops.