My build so far

Can someone suggest something about my build?

I guess doesn’t make sense to use Faun’s Gift with Glasscannon…
You could add Crystal affixes to other itens… Look for itens with 100% element dmg instead of 20%.
Have a set on your MH, since you have Ascendent maybe Arcanist, or Druidic to go with Plague. And maybe a Epiphany Bonus, to go with your Crystal Attack Spd.

i dont mind since using faun’s gift since i dont have any block or dodge crystal affix so i can still have enough hp to survive.

The thing is that Glasscannon remove that HP anyway.

I know this might be unreachable for the moment but try doing the maps constantly and grind them up to let say floor 600+
Then get gear that gives you the legend affix +100% element damage( poison, shock, ice, fire)
This will quickly boost your damage to an insane amount compare to what you have right now
Epiphany and Epiphany Bonus might be worth considering