My build update

This is my very own and first item that i build idk if this is good just correct me if I’m wrong with my build… Also pls help me about my OH idk what affix should I put and also it is okay to change my OH skill to timewrap to dealt more damage whilr standing isnide on it…


No Pathfinder sets for dodge? And then Inferno for an ice element? Permafrost is the best sets for ice according to the Codex

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Thanks for the advice…
But here is the permafrost affix

Idk of that is a good affix for my build because i don’t have mana point because right now im using furry…

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And also, I’m my opinion that the Inferno sets and blistering are useless in floor hiking it’s because we’re basing in an instant kill not with the bleeding and DoT. Therefore, choose a sets and items to increase your damage and your survivability.


Inferno only works for Fire Weapons.

Permafrost will still increase your Ice% damage even if you don’t need the damage to MP thing.

Crushing Flames is useless without Fire & Immolate. Crushing Blow will still work, but it’s damage won’t get boosted by CF. replace Inferno with Ascendant if you really don’t want Permafrost. with Ascendant, you can keep everything Ice, and get the benefits of Fire, Poison, & Shock. your DPS will go up, even if it doesn’t show up on your Stat Page. and any Ricochet that is Fire that Immolates will make your CF work.

Timewarp will increase the damage of your Ricochet by +50%. you can get that from shooting from within the Timewarp or from shooting through the Timewarp. Timewarp also slows enemy ranged bolts by 50%, so that makes them easier to dodge.


Been a while for me here haha lets see if i still got it…

Permafrost’s 20% elemental damage is only gonna boost your damage by around 7% since you already have 300% elemental damage (300% vs 320%)
Momentum set would be a much better shout imo

You should remove the red weapon damage on the OH since you’re not using that weapon to attack.
Instead, move either the Ricochet+10 or the Extra Attack+4 over to the OH in place of an orange (epic) weapon damage+5000… you’ll notice a big increase of damage

If you add more Frostbiting affixes then the damage that Frozen deals will increase drastically

Finally just a note for your future builds, you could change that red (legend) Ignore Resist for a few Weaken affixes… its worth it i promise.
For now tho, you dont need to worry about that haha

Edit: i just though about this, but the OH weapon ‘Stheno’… Its amongst the Demonic set items… consider looking at it, it’s pretty OP


Thanks to you and also to mrs @Golem i think i will change it back to fire element and remove the frozen and change it again to nova mythic

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Btw can i get immolate affix of ruby?

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Try to change the element of your items first like from frostbite (ice) to blistering (fire)

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Does the time warp is in MH or OH?

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Timewarp is OH,

You dont actually need immolate (im not 100% sure what it does) but for crushing flames, you dont need it.

Another option would be to change OH special to Taunt, remove only 1 Crushing Flames, then only change OH element to fire

So 5 items are ice element, the Miasma OffHand is fire…
In this case, DEFO remove that red weapon damage

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What is the best choice effectiveness, ignore resist or weaksn?

Weaken is the best item according to Mr. Golem


Legend Immolate Affix: this is only found on Loot. it increases the damage done by Immolate. if you have Crushing Flames, CF Set Bonus, and one or more Legend Immolate, your Immolate damage would be huge. something like Fire DoT x 6 (Immolate + CF Set Bonus, I think it adds, not multiply) x 2.25 (CF Immolate boost) x 1.5 (one Legend Immolate) = Fire DoT x ~21.5 damage a second for 4 seconds. if Set bonus is multiplicative you would get Immolate damage around Fire DoT x33.25 damage a second for 4 seconds. with Crushing Flames getting enemy HP down to 25%, this is a good way to get rid of the last enemy 25% HP if you go all Fire Build.

Timewarp: goes on OH. there is also a Legend Proc Timewarp +25%.

in order of best to worst:

Weaken ( Crystal +90% or better. +100% or higher takes up 2 or more spaces, but the damage is worth it)

Weaken & Effectiveness (more damage than just Weaken, but can take up more space, which might cost you more damage from another source)

Ignore Resist no monster resists, but no effective damage either. only takes up one space.

Weaken (+60%) good for beginners and still better than Effectiveness.

Effectiveness this is actually good against most monsters, but takes a hit in damage when against the proper Greatly Resist Element, and does no damage against monsters with the proper Element Immune.

Thanks mr @Golem
Btw I can’t see immolate affix

So weaken and effectiveness is the best combo? Or just weaken but effectiveness and weaken take up more slot.

Weaken affix lang tol, it produces more damage than Ignore Resist and Effective Mythic. They have a same effect to an enemy. but it will cost you more slots

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My god it took me 1 hour to find the immolate

This is the reason why🤣 you can see immolate at elemental critical…

@Berot that is the Epic Elemental Crit for Fire is Immolate. it gives your Fire Weapons a chance to do +100% of your Fire DoT as Immolate Damage every second for 4 seconds. the Legend Immolate increases your Immolate damage by +50%, and can’t be rolled by Ruby. I think 2 of the Crushing Flames Items have it for +100% to your Immolate Damage. Fire DoT is 40% of your Fire Attack in Damage. Immolate would be 80% of your Fire Attack in damage. with 2 Legend Immolate, your Immolate would be 160% of your Fire Attack in Immolate damage every second for 4 seconds.

one Crystal Weaken & one Epic Weaken is +120% for every attack being Weakened. one space for Effective Mythic. that is 3 spaces to have Weaken damage on top of every elemental attack being Effective for +25% damage. this is a lot of damage for 3 spaces. honestly, I think going 3 spaces for Weaken would be better if you have a 2 Element Build or Prismatic/Ascendant Build. the 2 Weaken & Effective would be better for a single Element Build.

as for space, I have gotten up to +200% Weaken with 3 spaces, but I usually go with +120%. when I don’t have the space, I go with Ignore Resist.

@Kaiserrobert here are examples of how different they are against Greatly Resist (the more powerful a monster, the higher the chance it has a Greatly Resist against any of your elements). one space for each.

Crystal Weaken +90%: (1 x 0.25) + 0.9 = 0.25 + 0.9 = 90% of your attacks do 1.15x damage. 10% do 0.25x damage.

Ignore Resist: 1 x 1 = 1. your damage isn’t affected by Elemental damage modifiers.

Effective: 1 x 1.25 x 0.25 = 0.3125x damage.

Weaken 90% & Effective: (1 x 1.25 x 0.25) + 0.9 = 0.3125 + 0.9 = 1.2125x damage to 90% of attacks to enemy who is Greatly Resistant to your Attack. 10% of your attacks are 0.3125x damage. this takes up 2 spaces.

against Normal, Magic, & Rare monsters, your chances of running into one with Greatly Resist or Immune are low, unless you are on a Challenge Map with +1 or +2 monster affixes or % of all monsters on map have Elemental Immune or increased Elemental Resistance. Effective would be better than IR or Weaken doing 1.25% damage.

against Epic, Legend, & Mythic Monsters, your chances of running into one with Greatly Resist or Immune to the Element(s) you are using are medium to high. Ignore Resist means no worries of damage lowered from Elemental Resists, but of course, no Effective damage. with Weaken, 90% of your attacks actually do more damage than IR, enough to even have more DPS with 10% of attacks doing that low damage. these are the monsters that Effective can have trouble against.

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So you are prefer to weaken and ignore than weaken and effectiveness?

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