My current Farming Build

I’ve been having some decent fun crafting PVP builds recently, using this build to farm resources. Pretty straightforward farm build that clears floors 400-500 (easy level) very quickly with good results. I convert a lot of Eternal items to ultra rare crystals, salvage all Legend items for dust, and get about 1.2 million just picking up gold on each map. I don’t bother selling items. Natures are all Luck except for one Evasion to round off the dodge at 52%. Use one Prismatic talent to counter resists and immune, or if I get bored with an element on my skullshield. I have a separate damage and luck heavy SDS build that I use to kill Enslavers on 501+ Mythic 3 when I get to the end of the Slay Enslavers feat for the Eternal Merlin’s Imp chance. I heavily use Larimar and Diamond for a decent pack size with no TNT props.


nice build. as far as resistant monsters, you could replace one ED+ with Ignore Resist instead and use another Talent instead of Prismatic. then you could change Adventurer to Plagued for better Poison DMG with Toxic when you meet big mobs.

or keep everything as is and replace two ED+ with two +30 Weaken. or just one for one. this way, if you meet a monster resistant to multiple Elements, it wont take you forever to kill it/them (mobs with the same resistances).

so jealous! you have 10 Obsidian! I have 3 at the moment and need more for my next Build idea.

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@Golem As far as the Ignore Resist goes, I have experimented with it and have found that the flat ED is more valuable, with the important added factor of Prismatic. At this difficulty level, even resistant mobs fall quickly, and the tap of a button swaps the element of my skullshield to counter anything.

I also experimented with Plagued on this build instead of Adventurer and found that the move speed bonus from Adventurer trumped the damage and HP bonus from Plagued…there is already ample damage on this build and not much move speed, and HP is kind of irrelevant.

I have experimented with the epic affixes quite a bit. +10 Storm and +10 Barrage both are pretty sweet. I mainly use Eternal Tink as a pet, simply for her +20 Skullshield, 20% Crushing Blow and 30% Attack Speed, but rotate in promising new Legend and Eternal Pets as they drop to rank up.

As far as the Obsidian goes, don’t be too jealous, I just spent them all on my PVP warrior build…all gone, but with very good results!


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lol, nice response! whenever I make a Build, I end up tweaking it a little myself. the only reason I mentioned Ignore Resist & Weaken is because some players have mentioned dealing with monsters with being resistant to 3-5 Elements. I had my share of resistant monsters as a noob, so I like using Weaken for the extra dmg, and Ignore Resist because it only takes one space.

I tend to stay on M3 for farming, but after looking at your Crystals, I am thinking of going to lower difficulty for some farming, but having so much Luck & Gold Find on the Build kind of drives me crazy, so I just stick to M3.

once again, great build, and I like how you did your testing to see what worked and how you liked having it work.

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You could replace the crown with a Nadroji crown for a double Nadroji bonus. You get more enslavers. Then before you kill the enslaver switch your hat back to eternalised.

Nice job

Am I that unlucky?I have 200 jaspers and 19 obsidian’s.

Is that true about double nadroji bonus? I thought that was proven wrong? :open_mouth:

Huh… turns out it is…

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