My current Feature Suggestion list

  1. How about the ability to Jasper pet’s. I know it could cause complicated issues like certain pet only belong to certain classes as well as codex issues . If all that is solved though, it would be cool as you can make a skill or talent that you can’t use and Jasper into something you can use.

  2. The ability to see replays of your AI in battle arena. The server would have to handle many replays being shown to players, even 1 replay per battle taken when AI fights. If all the restrictions have been uplifted though, it would be a valuable tool to learn how the AI currently acts and how you can improve. It could end up being broken though too but just a shot.

  3. Buff 5+ all skills and 5+ all talents elixir Mythstone affix by double. Why? At the moment, if you used one of those in arena, it would only be 2+ all skills or talents and getting to maximum would be a 2 slot which is usually not worth it. On the plus side, a free slot in PvE build is always good. Maybe it might be broken but I want it to be buffed just like how 2+ extra attack zenith turned into 4+ extra attack , 2 in PvP for easy maxing out. Just some idea.

  4. Some sort of way to hold onto power stat buttons and it fills the selected spot as quickly as possible. Saves me tapping the power 299 god knows how many times when making a build.

  5. A way to hold onto arrow to increase amount of crystals to convert as quickly as possible as manually tapping to convert a specific high number of crystals (375 for example) is such a pain. Maybe a slider even. Although , if this is considered, the power stat buttons hold thing doesn’t have to be. I mean as convenient I want the game to be, I don’t want it to be too easy and convenient.

6.Buff remedy Talent heal just because. I mean if I am able to constantly stealth, it would be cool to heal a lot more HP in campaign to work with harmony or so. For PvP, if anybody uses dodge affix, it would be kind of nice for a slight edge with pathfinder, so be it but idk about it. Maybe even a replacement or so if possible like some kind of generic talent to aid other classes skills on rogue.

  1. Make mirror images great again. 100% OH is a bit low for a special skill mirror image. Sure you can have multiple and increase the Dmg but it still is lackluster to other skills. It uses MH skills that turn into OH skill. Trickster could finally be more useful too. Maybe not broken like mirror image using MH dmg but something to buff mirror images. I know they can be affected by summon buff like summon dmg too but meh. It’s a tricky build to use.

This is all the suggestions I have thought of.


+1 to this suggestions

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