My DQ in phone connect and play it at PC. is this possible?

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and guys can u teach how to connect DQ to my phone to PC? is this possible?

What do you mean connect from phone to PC?

Are you talking about an android emulator(Bluestacks)?

i mean . is it possible to play DQ in PC? something like connecting my phone to PC

You mean like mirror gameplay where you play on the phone but it shows up on computer at the same time. Dunno how that works but if it works (because I seen a youtuber do it somehow), you can record the gameplay by computer recorder whilst not having a laggy phone from recording.

If you want to play DQ on PC because you lost your phone or you just want to try on PC, download bluestacks (android emulator) and download Dungeon Quest from there. Pc dungeon quest maybe more difficult though so take care.

thanks alot man.
how about apps that can record a game . can u suggest me some apps?

Scr pro screen recorder from scr website Requires root though but it is very good for older phones not compatible with most recorder.

Try mobizen as well.

If you have android 5.0+ with lolipop , try google play recorder.

There are other screen recorders out there but these I recommend.

thanks man. appreciated your suggestion’s thanks.